First One!

So I literally had the idea of starting a music blog while meal prepping this morning. I like to think that my music tastes are fairly diverse. It helps that we had music playing in the house all the time while I was growing up. Both my parents played instruments; my mom piano and my dad clarinet. I played both at one point. I took lessons for both instruments but I always found it more fun to learn by ear. From that point, 10 year old me was determined to listen for different nuances in songs. Not to sound like some pretentious music snob, but I honestly don’t hear the same song the same way during each listen. It’s almost like watching the same movie but catching some random detail in the background with each viewing. Exciting stuff.

Anyway, I thought about the different approaches I could take with this blog. One of them was to detail my musical interests, my history, etc. The other approach was to give more personal detail about specific songs I was listening to at the time. I’m choosing the latter. So upcoming posts will be mini reviews of songs and albums that have made quite an impression on my life, as well as concerts and other music related things. Enjoy!


Photo cred: Sebastian Doorls


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