I’m Listening To…Coast Modern

This band popped up on my radar early last year when I first heard “Hollow Life” when streaming EQX, a radio station out of Vermont (more on this wonderful station in a later blog post). Their feel is distinctly California, from the bass line down to the way Coleman Trapp sings. It’s the perfect song for driving home from work on a Friday, and definitely to the beach.

I think this song resonated with me because when I first heard it, I was going through some career uncertainty and was even questioning whether I should move again. In particular, the lines “Give me something better than this hollow life” and “It’s all an illusion” stuck because I was feeling boxed in at the time. Things are a little better but I still have this song in my current rotation.

By chance I watched them perform on Google Play Live last night and I’m glad I did. They sound great live and I’m looking forward to their first full length album, as well as to (hopefully) seeing them in concert. Plus, based on their video for “Hollow Life” they seem like fun dudes.

Hollow Life -Coast Modern

Photo cred: Miwok


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